How to use, wash and dry

Easy to wear

How to clip it around your underwear

For using an UGERpad you simply fold the wings around your panty and close the buttons as seen in the picture. Make sure the colourful side goes against the underwear and the plain side is the side touching your body.

Check regularly whether you need to change the pad during your first cycle using UGERpads till you get a feeling for it. It really depends on how heavy your flow is.

Easy to carry around and store away



Just fold the pad up into a handy little package as shown in the picture and put it into your purse or store it away.

The side of the pad which goes against your skin is inside and will be protected and stay clean.

Easy to wash and dry

Soak the pads and napkins in cold water, then use soap and wash them like you would wash your other clothing. (Do not use hot water. Hot water will ‘fix’ blood stains on the cloth!)
Afterwards hang in direct sun as shown.

How to use the UGERpad with insert on top

More information about how to use, wash and dry the UGERpads will be online soon!