Why do we produce cloth pads?

Because cloth pads are a healthy, safe, cheap and environmentally friendly way for women to manage their period!


Lots of different products for women to manage their period exist!

When you search the internet you can find (amongst others) the following commercially available options:



  • Disposable Pads  
  • Cloth Pads (as our UGERpads)   
  • Tampons
  • Sea Sponges (which are a reusable alternative to tampons)  
  • Menstrual Cups (e.g. She Cup, Moon Cup)
  • Softcups (which are the disposable versions of the Menstrual Cups)    

But especially the most common products - tampons and disposable pads - are not as safe as most women assume and can bear risks for your health. In addition they are a disaster for our environment!

Unfortunately the health risks that tampons and disposable pads pose for women have not been subject to bigger surveys yet - but this does not mean, they do not exist! In contrary, complains of women about rushes, itching, unhealthy discharge and other problems are often connected by gynaecologists to tampons and pads!

Especially tampons, which destroy the flora of the vagina by absorbing not only blood but also important secretions and sometimes leave little pieces of the material they are made of behind after being removed cause far greater risks then only the fairly common known problem of increasing the probability to get the Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).

  In addition long term effects of tampons and disposable pads still remain to be determined - with the chemicals some contain or which are used during the production we cannot be sure about this at all.


If women want to avoid these risks, cloth pads like the UGERpads present an alternative way to handle the period.

Especially for women who are uncomfortable with the idea of inserting something into the vagina the cloth pads are the easiest and safest option.


However - the uncertainty about health risks is not the only reason why women should consider using cloth pads.

As they are wash- and reusable and last for month or even years (depending on how often you use them and how you care for them) they are better for both - your moneybag and our environment!


A single woman would use thousends of disposable pads or tampons during her lifetime and all of them would go to landfills and take hundreds of years to degrade - if they do at all!

With waste management not only being a problem in India but all over the world, women should consider the environmental impact of how they manage their periods and act in a responsible way - we only have this one earth!

But your health and our environment are not the only reasons for our dedication to this project

However - all these reasons mentioned above are a moot point for some women anyways - as not every woman has access to and can afford these products. Because of that in rural India (and other poor regions of the world) most women manage their period with simple cloth napkins, sometimes they use old cloth of sarees, petticoats and so on.

Even old newspaper or little bags with sand or ash are used.

Conditions often are unhygenic, as women don't have the facilities to properly care for their product and are restricted by the taboos on the topic of menstruation, which make them e.g. hide their cloth under rooftiles for drying.

For those women we want to make a difference! We want to provide them with a way to manage their period and we strive to break the silence on this topic!

This is why we also work on and deliver seminars about menstrual issues in colleges around Udaipur.

More information about these will be online soon!