The different varieties of UGER cloth pads

The perfect pad for every phase of your period!

To suit the different needs of every phase of your period we make three styles – a pad with an insert napkin, a lite pad and a panty liner.

The pads come in different colours and sizes.

All our products are made of 100% cotton and absorb discharges well. Every pad can be folded up into a neat little packet for carrying in your hand bag and for storing.

The Lite Pad


The pad for days with lighter flow consists of six layers of cotton - the upper layer, which goes against your skin, 5 layers of well absorbing fabric sewn into the pad and the colourful fabric on the back side.

To keep the pad in place you clip the wings around your panty - which will also prevent leakage onto the underwear.

Stitching on the upper side of the pad keeps the blood from going onto the wings and leads it to the front and the back instead.


The Insert Pad

Insert pad contains 6 layers of absorbent cotton fabric inside the pad with 2 detachable flannel towels that needs to be inserted in the loops provided for better absorption power. These pads are ideal for heavy flow days.

These pads are eco-friendly, biodegradable and safe to use – cotton being cool to the skin.
Each pad is tested to last for a minimum of 60 washes.

The Pantyliner Pad

Pantyliners are mainly helpful in managing white discharge, wetting, spotting or as a backup. Each panty liner consists of 4 layers of absorbent cotton. The panty liners are wider at the hind side for making it comfortably fitting.