The UGER bracelets

Stand up and break the silence!

new UGER bracelets

Are you an adolescent girl?

Are you a woman?
Do you get your period?

Be proud of it and show it!

Stand up, break the silence and join the movement to fight the taboos on menstruation. Help to empower women and to give them the strength and confidence to handle their period in a safer and more comfortable way!

It is easy! Simply make a statement by wearing one of the UGER bracelets!

You can even make one yourself in your own design!

All you need is an elastic ribbon, a few red beads and more beads of a different matching colour that you like - plus the average number of days you flow in one cycle and the total length of your cycle.

Now string as many red beads as you have flowing days and then add beads of the other colour until the total number of beads matches the number of days in your cycle.

Tie the ends together - done!